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Mini jets

New family rides in Hakone Powai are here!

Mini Jets, Pirate Ship, Hippo Cycle, Frog Jump, Astro spin and the thrilling Boating with Paddle and Battery powered Aqua pads. There are musical rides exclusively for children below two years; there are boats for the older children. The Bumper (Dashing) cars are for all age groups. The new Replenished Entertainment Center (FEC) at Hakone […]

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Kidzania is now open in Rcity Mall, Ghatkopar.

International indoor theme park chain KidZania’s Mumbai outpost resembles the sets of Flipkart’s kids-as-adults Freaky Friday-themed TV commercials. Everyone knows miniature parks and attractions have long been popular. To date, Disney’s most iconic attraction has been “it’s a small world”—launched as a “salute to Unicef and all the  world’s children”, the 15-minute boat ride underwent a […]

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