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Salsa with Kiran Shriyan every Sunday.

Get to Know your New Self, Learn to Salsa with Kiran Shriyan, Also for Beginners “they say Dance is a form of Meditation Mind-Body coordination, Self Confidence, Grace, Fun Cardio, Agility, Introspection, Freedom, Partnering Etiquettes, Stress Buster” Every Sunday -11:00 AM -12:30 PM *Pre-Registration Compulsory Venue: A wing,305 Galleria Shopping Centre, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai To […]

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Fingerlix – New Products Launched!

  I’ve written about Fingerlix earlier (read here: Fingerlix – a Fresh, Ready-To-Cook food brand). It’s a great new way to cook food! I was very glad to see that they have added more products to their menu, as shared on their Facebook page Fingerlix.Fresh. There’s the Multi-Grain Idli Dosa Batter. They claim it to […]

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Sculptasse Presents Creative movement in association with Rhythmus Happy Feet for Ages-3 to 5 years

Rhythmus Happy Feet has designed this curriculum to help children develop motor coordination, increase spatial and rhythmic awareness, and to help provide a positive learning experience.The program includes creative moving taught through games, musical story telling, props, and development of basic concepts like rhythm, directional, perception, and memory. Age-3 to 5 Years Every Friday:5:30 pm […]

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