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Top 5 Parks in Powai

In what is a huge blessing for nature lovers, the parks in Powai are amongst the best parks in Mumbai. Each park has its unique appeal, which ensures that there is somewhere for everyone at all times of the day. This guide to the top 5 parks in Powai will help you find the perfect […]

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Photos of Ganesh Visarjan at Powai Lake

Yesterday was the first day of immersions for Ganpati idols this Ganesh Chaturthi. People who had kept the Lord in their homes for a day and a half flocked to Powai Lake to send him on his way. Here are some photos from the colourful, auspicious occasion.

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A Sunday Smile: Birds in Powai

Today Powai resident Retired Commander Sanjeev Saikia shares with us one of the simple pleasure of his life here in Powai — the birds who visit his house. He says: We all are so busy with our day to day life in Powai, that we hardly get any time to enjoy the small gifts of […]

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Real Estate in and Around Powai

Recently Powai.info received an email from a reader who’s concerned about the real estate situation in Powai, particularly the unavailability of property despite all the construction going on. He wonders whether there’s a need for an informational website to facilitate transparent real estate transactions. What are people’s opinions and experiences regarding real estate dealings in […]

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Powai Vihar Approach Road Brings Relief

Powai Vihar residents are set to get relief from traffic jams and potholes which had become an annual feature during monsoon. The said road will also improve connectivity between Chandivili and Hiranandani commuters, although officials said traffic congestion had increased on this stretch due to a spurt in vehicles, in the past couple of years.

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Tests Reveal Powai Lake Not Contaminated as Feared

Days after the rotting carcass of a crocodile was found and removed from Powai lake, lab tests have shown that the lake water is not contaminated as feared, BMC said on Monday. The water quality has shown a marked improvement, according to the test results, stated hydraulic department officials.

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Photos of Forest Park in Powai

The aptly named Forest Park, located off Forest Street in Hiranandani Gardens in Powai, is a park that feels more like being in the woods. There are walking tracks, and seats nestled randomly and cozily into the foliage. It really is hard to believe that the park is located in the middle of a developed […]

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Photos of Flowers in Powai

Retired Commander Sanjeev Saikia, who took these delightful photos of Powai Lake, has been kind enough to share with us some more stunning photos, this time of flowers in Powai. These flowers, with their intricate form and bold colours, are a real visual treat.

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