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Enroll your kids this summer for highly educational and fun filled workshops at Hiranandani Institute of Learning

The workshops will help children to learn more about Flowers & Bees, Improve Handwriting, Designing Apps & 3D games on Android and building Robots.

Gear up your children for some exciting activities this vacation, helps them pick up a new interesting hobby and give them wonderful growing experiences.

1. Bees Factory

Buzz with “Maya the Bee” and enter into her factory “The Paradise of Flowers”.
Learn about the morphology and life of a bee along with flowers its types and sturucture in detail.
Experiments, activities, role plays and audio visuals to understand each concept.
Providing learning situations that give children an opportunity to observe, explore, question and develop their own understanding of various Science concepts.
Age group: 6 to 9 years
Session Dates: 24th & 25th May.
Timing and duration: Wednesday and Thursday
Day 1 – 11:00 – 1:30
Day 2 – 11:00 – 1:30

2. App Design

Android App Development using App Inventer & 3D Game designing using Unity Software.
1. Hello world
2. Toast Application
3. Basic Calculator
4. SMS Application
5. Accelerometer Application
6. Proximity Sensor Application
7. Designing 3D Game
8. Developing simple model of game
9. Creating APK file and installing on Emulator
10. Designing 3D models and playing with attributes android device and live testing.
Age group: 9 to 16 years
Session Dates: 23rd to 27th May.
Timing and duration: Tuesday to Saturday
Time – 10:30 – 1:30

3. Fun with Bots

Ardublock + isenso robot + gesture control robot
1. PC control robot
2. Black line follower robot
3. White line follower robot
4. Phototrophic robot
5. Photophobic robot
6. Obstacle follower robot
7. Obstacle avoider robot
8. Gesture control robot
Age group: 9 to 16 years
Session Dates: 23rd to 27th May
Timing and duration: Tuesday to Saturday
Time – 2:00 – 5:00
4. Handwriting Improvement

Seven days…………… It’s a challenge!
Duration only 7 days
One hour daily
No home work
Exclusive course material
Individualised training
Age: 8 years onwards

Session Dates: 22nd to 28th May
Timing and duration: Monday to Sunday
Time: 3:00 – 4:00
Location: Hiranandani Institute of Learning, Powai.

Jharna A. Mehta: 9769175236
Karishma Kothari: 9664196681
Pooja Kamath: 9867984202


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