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SHIKSHA BALI Kendriya Vidyalaya IIT Powai Product did her BSc Bio-Tech from National College Bandra and then her master’s degree from Bandra ​ itself, She was sports girl when in School and Colleges and won end number of medals in various competitions,

She could have very well opted for 9 to 5 job, but as she was destined to be the first girl drummer to perform at international ​ level, Shiksha Started learning drums at her own using ​ Google other search engines&​ electronics gadgets. She formed all girls drum band and performed all over India; the ace producer Prabudeva requested by for a cameo in Jackson which she performed and got appreciations

Shiksha gave a solo performance on women’s day at Goregaon and kept the audience on toes with ​​unstopped​ clapping. An ongoing show ANGELS OF ROCK on MTV at 8 PM on Sunday she went with the group across the country and entertained the Villagers especially those who are not so lucky to have this kind of entertainments, She also thought the weaker girls the art of self-defence in addition to her drumming skill.

The best thing is she learnt to drum herself practising 14 hours a day; She is going to give a mesmerising solo performance dedicated to India Army who has done an incredible job under the Surgical Operation

Thanks Shiksha for making HG Powai-Mumbai-India and of course her parents proud.

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