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Ageless Beauty Pageant 2016

Ageless Medica organizes a unique Beauty Contest where health, Fitness, and Beauty along with personality and grace are judged by a team of expert doctors, professionals and celebrities.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to change in your life, take the first step and find out how at the Ageless Beauty Pageant 2016.

For registration and details, please visit our URL page http://www.agelessmedica.com/beauty-pageant-2016

Today many youngsters spoil their health and fitness which in later years become burdensome. Alcohol and smoking are becoming more prevalent in girls and ladies also. As a gynaecologist practising since 32 years, I see many young girls n women have health problems of PCOS / fertility and many young men have problems of sexual weakness and fertility.

This contest is an effort to create awareness in society that beauty is not skin deep; it’s far more.



Please help us in propagating our message of Ageless Medica to youngsters of this generation to save their health and fitness. Encourage maximum number of youngsters to participate in this contest

Incase of any query in regards to the above mentioned, please contact: +91 9821125519 / + 91 9869471143. You can also mail your queries at agelessmedica@gmail.com.


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