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tap karo….course karo

Have you downloaded the just released app “ myTapps” from Google Play Store ? It gives you all info on all courses in Powai – be in education, self-development, hobbies or interests. No more hassles of figuring out what course is offered where, timings, fees etc., Just by a few taps you get to know what course is suitable for you, compare with others and in some cases even join! Now you can choose a course of your choice, convenience and budget by a few taps on your mobile.

myTapps covers close to 400 course offerings in Powai – Hiranandani area. An unbiased and verified information smoothly guides you to your choice without any obligation. You can get it’s location, offerings, amenities along with batch details and features like favourites & brownie points will keep you hooked on! Professionals working behind the app will ensure that you get quality and accurate information all the time.

Download the app from Google Play Store today and make myTapps your personal development companion. Just Search, Select & Start learning!

Click below to download the app!


Meanwhile, have a peak at the app through these screenshots.

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