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D- ELEMENT Dance Co offering HipHop Classes.

Atul POwai


The Schedule for the Powai Centre
Demo/Trail Class on 3rd June, 2016.
Days- Friday  Saturday
Time- 7-8pm
Fees- Rs 2500 for one person. Rs 3500/- for 2 People.
Baile-De-Salon Dance Studio,
Ground Floor, El Tara. Next to Lakme SalonBehind Delphi Building. Orchard Avenue. Hiranandani-76.

DELEMENT is a Dance Company formed by Mr. Atul Ingle (aka Atty).

The Sole intention of the Company is to spread out Dance in its purest form. Teaching any Dance form in its most Authentic genre is the main and the only agenda of the company. We are the only school in the whole of India to have a Syllabus for HipHop.

At D-ELEMENT, we believe that Dance is not just about Learning of Steps, but also of understanding the concepts involved in each and every movement.Our Classes are a mixed bunch of Conceptual Theory and Practicals. We encourage the students to do the thinking rather than the Teacher giving them Information. It is very important for the students to learn and apply what they learn and thus Experiment, rather than the teacher helping them out with everything. So we follow on a strict policy at D-ELEMENT i.e., A student goes to the next level not because they pay for it, but because they are eligible for it.


ATUL INGLE is an MBA by qualification but has been dancing professionally for 10 years and has been teaching since the past 5 Years. HipHop is his forte and he had been performing and teaching this style since the past 5-6 years. He was the founder of BREAK UNIT CREW (2008-2012) and has performed at various shows all over Mumbai as well as having choreographed and judged Street Dance at various College Festivals. He was featured in the promotional video for SAAT KHOON MAAF with MTV in 2011 as well as the Marathi Music Video “Tula Paahiley” by Swapnil Bandolkar. He was also a part of the Ad Campaign for Coke Sri Lanka. Atul has been trained under International Instructors like Chachi Olivia Gonzales, Reet Roy, Zerjon Abbe, Nina Kolbrunner etc and on the Indian front, trained under Vineet Bangera, Shampa Sonthalia, Sahiba Sawhney, Berwin Dsouza, Dhanisa Shende etc and a lot more.

Currently Atul is Founder and Principal Director of D-Element, a Company formed by him.

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