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LOCKATED – All Home Services On One App

vendorposter2.6Let’s talk about Mumbai. Think about the times this city has pushed your limits: the noise, the pollution, the aggression. And the traffic, so much traffic. Fueled by an ambitious drive and the desire to spend time with loved ones, we find ourselves struggling to find a balance. So, where do we compromise? Our mental health. It’s the petty chores, the persistent paperwork and the daily requirements that act as a nagging checklist at the back of your mind.

You need to pick up your medicine? Is your grocery shopping list only getting longer? Did you remember to do a background check on the new babysitter? Who’s going to get that leak fixed? Out of all the launderers in your area, who can get that jacket dry-cleaned fastest? The list never ends. Why should you have to deal with the minor setbacks? When you have the privilege to strive for greatness in this beautiful city, why must you waste your time waiting for the building secretary to approve your documents? Couldn’t you do with the extra help? A certain someone to take care of all your tasks, reminders and appointments? How about someone you can reach at any time of the day? A personal assistant, perhaps? But assistants charge and we’re here to tell you that serenity of the mind and some peaceful time for yourself shouldn’t come at a price.

Carried along in your pocket, answering to your beck and call, help will be provided from that one place you can always check up on: your cell phone. With an extensive & updated database of the product & service providers in your area, a hands-on customer service team and undeniable focus on customer satisfaction & convenience, the e-commerce application, Lockated.com, is the key to free up some time in this bustling city of dreams. Available on Android (http://bit.ly/1Srpe7m) and iOS (http://apple.co/1QgMgYi), the app doesn’t just help you roll with the punches, it reminds you why you fell in love with the city and to embrace the chaos. Because in the land of opportunity, one needs a breath of fresh air before diving head first into the belly of the beast.


Be it ordering grocery or medicines for your household, or having laundry & dry-cleaning arranged, Lockated.com offers a convenient way to handle tasks that are otherwise time-consuming. And there is no doubt that time is the most valuable commodity in such a competitive era. No more waiting in checkout queues, no more wasting time at the salon waiting for your turn. Let your virtual personal assistant, Lockated.com, book spa and salon appointments for you! It  also helps in getting domestic help, deep cleaning & repair services. The team is continuously improving their service offerings and is committed to serving all your household requirements. That is why, their motto is “We locate & lock all your needs!”

So why sweat the small stuff? Let Lockated handle it. Reach them at +91 730-343-4567.


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