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M I N K – Pamper Your Clothes.

Powai Info 1What do you do when you need to get your favorite lehenga dry cleaned for your friend’s marriage? Most probably the first thing you will do is to try asking your friends and neighbors and you will get bombarded with tens and dozens of options and you will suddenly realize that this is not the time to experiment with local dry cleaners or the stores across the lane. After all it is your favorite lehenga. So you will go on Facebook and will try to find reviews about the prominent dry cleaners. But how you will end up in choosing the perfect dry cleaner is described further in the blog.

In this era of startups and as Powai being the hub of early stage to big scale startups, one cannot just miss to notice MINK, the leading dry cleaning services. Owing to the best set of consumers living in Powai who are well aware of the startups, MINK too started their services from Powai and recently have expanded to suburbs like Bhandup, Kanjurmarg, Ghatkopar, Vikhroli, Andheri and Jogeshwari after getting phenomenal response here in last six months. MINK was formed only after surveying in Powai and it was found that there was no one who would guarantee safety of your clothes, or the confidence to handle Indian wear which is mostly heavy in terms of design and multi color which makes the dry cleaner’s job quite tough. If they are ready to accept it at all, you have to go to their store to drop and pick up and have to make number of calls in between to check the status. You may not feel it but there was something missing in the industry and MINK was formed to fill in.

Powai Info 4MINK is an on-line end to end model which provides pick-up and drop service for all your orders. You can schedule the pick-up and delivery according to your convenience. The one thing which differentiates them from other startups is their pilots who can answer your queries at the time of pickup. You can tell them all your requirements and customize the dry cleaning process and that is when you will feel that you and your clothes are not being taken for granted and you start feeling like experiencing the laundry service in one of the five star hotels. But if you ask MINK about their USPs the first thing they will tell is their confidence in handling Indian wear, home décor garments, and shoes and the quality of dry cleaning. With the experience of handling 15 year old saree to getting a lehenga dry cleaned in 6 hours MINK looks to go long way and set a benchmark in the dry cleaning segment. Though their first priority is to aware the customers about the importance of good maintenance of their clothes.

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