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Sahaj Srajan

0-2Sahaj Srajan literally translates as “Natural Creation” or “Natural art forms”.

Reflecting this essence, Sahaj Srajan is a platform created by Mrs. Shefali Patoria dedicated to various tribal and ethnic art forms of India. The platform connects with tribals and artists from ethnic communities across India, to asses and collect unadulterated exquisite art pieces, thus giving them due recognition and commercial viability.

Madhubani art from Mithila region, Warli paintings from coastal regions of Maharashtra, Dokra art from tribal interiors of Chhattisgarh, Gond art from Madhya Pradesh, Pattachitra from Orissa and many more have already found their way inside homes and offices of those who cherishes tribal art for its finery in Natural colors, textures, unique patterns, symbolism and indigenous themes.

People can collect these art forms through gallery or online portals. The futuristic vision of Sahaj Srajan involves art workshops and connecting people to ethnic or tribal artists in their own community.

Sahaj Srajan is not just an ode to Indian heritage; it is a trail that connects us, and our future generation to the richancient legacy of India.It is chance for all of us to preserve and cherish our culture in all its glory.


Founder with Madhubani Artist

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