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Kangaroo Kids Powai – The Number 1 Pre-school in Powai

1FOUNDED  BY LINA ASHER, KANGAROO KIDS EDUCATION LIMITED (KKEL) is an innovative, vibrant, creative and energetic organization where each one of us strives through our practice to wholeheartedly serve children and make every learning moment a joyful, effective and meaningful one.

A high quality pre-school is a way to prepare young learners for success in high school and in life. KANGAROO KIDS Powai is one such INTERNATIONAL PRE-SCHOOL  and a kid friendly place in our locality. KKEL’s vision is to develop a quest or love for learning and experience for children. Research has shown that this is not possible without the learner’s prior engagement and conditions which encourage learning. We achieve this in myriad ways – from our classrooms, outdoor activities and our equipments for developing a proper research based curriculum which is upgraded constantly.

The entry to school itself is a handshake with nature. It takes this position because there’s a lot more to the school than just book learning and that seems especially true in KANGAROO KIDS Powai, with its unlimited amenities like a cooling sight to see a splash pool, sandpit, amphi theatre and lots of care has been taken for the child’s over-all development.

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The school has a well eqquipped brain gym, library, computer room, av room, daycare, activity area, an extremely bright doll house to keep kids engaged for hours.The centre has taken utmost care of child’s gross motor development by including facilities like jumping pad, jungle gym, sandpit and a wonderful open play area and garden to keep the kids close to mother nature.

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The birth to five years is the most important period in the educational life of a child. These are the formative years of the journey ahead. KANGAROO KIDS believes to teach thru playway method. The curriculum focusses on early childhood development. Reading and telling stories with the help of puppets and playing games  makes learning easier  and fun.



• NURSERY (2.6 YRS – 3.6 YRS)

• Jr.Kg (3.6 – 4.6 YRS)

• Sr.Kg (4.6 – 5.6 YRS)


The curriculum we follow is international based and is designed solely by the research and development team of KKEL. We do not design any curriculum on our own at franchisee level. The curriculum of Kangaroo kids are divided into monthly concepts.  These concepts are taught to the kids in a play way method where we use the various materials and Australian toys sent to us by KKEL.  Apart from giving theoretical knowledge, we also give the children practical knowledge by taking them out for field trips to places related to the concept of the month. For ex. To police station, post office, supermarket etc.

Our  salient  features : 

• Optimum Teacher-Student Ratio

• Safe and Supportive Classroom

• Open Entry Policy

• Inclusion Policy

The quality of teachers is also of equal importance. Apart from ensuring that our teachers are highly trained, our recruitment process ensures that the selected individuals have qualities which invoke learning and leave a positive influence on students. Everyday, various branches of research throw up insights on child and adult learning. The unique thing about our curriculum is that the latest relevant research is synthesized into the curriculum and its various manifestations into the learning process. This helps make our curriculum highly engaging and relevant while following the guidelines of the respective boards. The highlights of our curriculum are encapsulated in the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.


We also provide DAYCARE Facility for children above 12 months of age.

1. We have the most hygenic day care in powai.

2. It is under concurrent supervision of the owner of the centre and the kids are in continuous

supervision of the day care teachers and the assistants .

3. The activities conducted with day care children are also planned by KKEL and is

customized for every age group.

4. The daily routine of the child is followed in accordance to what is done at home, thus

making the child feel very comfortable in the environment.

5. Daycare timings can be anytime between 8.30 am to 7 pm, monday to Friday.

6. Pick up and drop facility also available for school as well as day care.

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Teacher Training course (KITDR)

• 10 Months Diploma Course

• Imbibing the principles of Andragogy – learning strategies focused on adults.

• Theory & Practical Training

Mother Toddler Programme

We strictly follow the curriculum designed by KKEL with hands on training.

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Evening Activity Club

At Kangaroo Kids we run an evening activity club from 4 pm. to 7 pm. for kids from 2 yrs to 14 yrs. There are many activities available for students to participate. Meet with our staff to discuss and list interests, hobbies, talents and skills. After compiling all ideas, decide with staff members which club ideas children would be comfortable in. Some interests may be cooking, sewing, sports, games, or art.

” We also lease out the premise for Birthday parties and Exhibitions ”


Contact us :

Twin Bungalow, New Lake Palace Society,

Near Powai Lake Cafe Coffee Day,

Powai, Mumbai – 400076

Mob. : 9867400374 • Phone : 25700608, 25700614

Email : kangaroospowai@gmail.com

 : www.facebook.com/kkpowai

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