Powai 1

“Powai gets extra time for family. Bag Bag INSTABAG!”


Honey where is my wallet? Wrap the sandwiches I will have it on my way.

“Stuck in traffic, will be 10mins late”

Boss:  ‘send this presentation by friday’.

Jaan, please pick the kids from school when you return.

Sweetheart I am not getting an auto can you please pick me from Galleria?

Dad it’s the last show of kungfu panda 3 in IMAX wadala, I want to go…wan wan wan!

Dude it’s the 3rd time you are skipping the poker party.  It takes only 30 mins to reach andheri, but with this traffic, God knows……...PAUSE.

Take a deep breath. Think for a minute, how many times do you hear these statements in your entire day? Isn’t this virtual stress; does anyone love this? NO.

Then, why do we rush? Because – it’s about the shortage of time! What about convenience? Why grapple with snarling traffic, bad roads, poor civic sense, low threshold of interpersonal tolerance, perpetual waiting for autos, (you gave up on buses long ago), less crowded trains…

It’s time to make a decision; our soul didn’t permit us to know the problem and still do nothing about it. We thus present InstaBag – the social engine that does your shopping, delivers your grocery bags, reasonably saves you 3 hours every week, organizes your shopping list, takes away your growing headache of parking or haggling with auto wallas!



Our philosophy resonates with what Mr Burnett wrote more than 100 years ago in The Secret Garden (1911) –

At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done and then all the world wonders why it was not done centuries before!

[We are at level 2 presently, and can move to level 3 with that gentle push from your end].

It’s time to embrace change –

1.      Change the way we go about looking for fresh untouched vegetables in shops/marts thronged by hundreds already. It makes sense to have very few people touching the vegetables that we consume.

2.     Your online orders are consolidate and we pull only that much as is needed and deliver it directly to you. Minimal wastage makes economic sense. Quality also gets automatically injected in the process.

The only ask over here is faith. You have to trust that we have your well-being and prosperity, foremost in our mind. It is a long journey, but we’ll get there, together. We are social, we depend on word of mouth publicity and we are lean and alive to your needs, including the discount that you can avail, based on your spending pattern.

Show us an unhappy customer and we will collaborate with her and with you to make this part of the world a happy place. Now, that’s an Insta-promise!

Crazy-About-You Folks at InstaBag.

Write to us (care@instabag.com)
Talk to us (60 660 440)
Love us, Hate us!

[By the way, we cater to all the neighboring areas of Powai as well.]

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