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Yoga training by Dr. Grazilia Khatri

Dr Grazilia Khatri [Grace] is a trained Yoga teacher from the Santacruz Institute, India. She has also explored various other schools of yoga, and gained experience from them. She believes that every school has its unique features and each of them focuses on certain specific aspects of Yoga. Dr. Grazilia has also learnt Pilates from UK based Micheal King and is qualified to teach the same. She is a trained nutritionist and a homoeopathic physician. She is Editorial Advisor for Complete Wellbeing magazine.

 Dr. Grazilia’s style of yoga includes a blend of all the different aspects of yoga that have appealed to her from the different schools that she has been exposed to. She endorses yoga as a way of life and encourages her students to delve deeper than just the physical facets of it. Having done her graduation in medicine, she realized that the limitations of mainstream medicine are many. Yoga in synergy with other complementary therapies can help in both prevention as well as cure.

Articles by Dr. Grazilia Khatri

Dr. Grazilia is the founder of GraceYog that offers wellness solutions to individuals, groups and corporates.


Below are some of the activities conducted by GraceYog:

–          Group Yoga classes in Powai, Hiranandani

–          Personal yoga sessions inclusive of nutritional counselling

–          Corporate activities such as workshops, wellness retreats, group yoga classes

–          Stress management workshops

Email: drgrazilia@gmail.com

Website: www.graceyog.com

Facebook : http://on.fb.me/graceyoglife

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