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Poor condition of children’s play ground at Hiranandani Garden Park

Hiranandani Gardens, Powai prides itself on those beautifully manicured and well maintained parks and gardens in the complex. The builders have tried to be reasonable and given us some good parks like Nirvana Park, Heritage park, Forest Park, Hiranandani Garden Park. (Main Pic: courtesy, Sharell Maya Maharana)

The Hiranandani garden park is located behind China Valley restaurant on Orchard Avenue, with the entrance near the intersection of Ridge Street (a short distance past Eden Bungalows).  We thank (a facebook friend) Mr. Prakash Nanavati for sending us this news story and being a aware and a concerned citizen.

He writes

“I thought to inform you and other friends in Powai Info and Face Book about poor condition of children’s play ground in Hiranandani Garden. The attached photos show almost all articles in damaged condition or missing. I wish that these photos if put up on FB or sent to concerned persons in Hiranandani authority will evoke favourable response. The play ground attracts a large number of children in the neighbourhood. The pathetic condition of the play ground equipment does not speak good about the image of Hiranandani complex.”


Damaged Floor

Damaged floor

Missing swings

Missing swings

Plank ripping off

Missing wooden Plank

One Response to Poor condition of children’s play ground at Hiranandani Garden Park

  1. faltukachra June 9, 2011 at 12:37 pm #

    Media is covering this Pawar Public School issue on a blown out proportion , seems they are feeded by other schools & political parties , who had a stomach-ache for the massive response of parents for this reputed school.

    Many other schools in the vicinity have floundered civic rules, like occupying a Public Playground for parking their fleet of Buses, and utilising a public road opp the school, not allowing private vehicles over it. What this school wants is a year’s rented place, till they sort out their own premises being built. They have followed through legal provisions

    what say Activists, where were you when so many unauthorised things were happening around ?? 

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