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Japanese High Fashion Exhibition for Girls at Hiranandani Gardens

Venue; Glen Croft 2003

Date; 1,2,3 Oct, 2010.

Time; 11am-8pm

Contact: 9930604288 (Hide)

Facebook RSVP: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=156597484369465

If you think of kimonos or school uniforms when you think of Japanese fashion, you’re missing out on the best and most flamboyant outfits that Japan has to offer the world. Japanese street fashion comes in a variety of forms and is reminiscent of London’s punk street fashion, though it uses brighter colours and less plaid. Like bohemian fashion trends in North America, Japanese street fashion at first appears to be based on uncoordinated colours and patterns. But unlike the bohemian-hippie-thrift-store trends of North America, Japanese street fashion is far more elaborate. The emphasis is on uniqueness, which leads many street fashion kids to create their own outfits. Like many youth subcultures, Japanese street fashion is a rebellion against the conventions of a consumer-based culture; but like modern capitalist culture, their rebellion is being recycled back into the system. The Harajuku kids’ radical fashion has become the inspiration for many famous designers.

Explanation: Tokyo Girls Collection!!!

Paris, Millano, NY, London collections are there twice a year by this turn. and Final is Tokyo collection. Lately, “Tokyo Girls Collection” is also newly launched. This is attracting all of Japanese girls. As well as affecting international fashion trends. please check this out, how fancy they are.

Also check out the video’s below.

Thank you very much for support.

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