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30s Night Out on Saturday at Aura

The Thirty Somethings group on www.Powai.me had its first get-together, the event was put up by Joy, an American here on work, we were around 6 people who met at Aura, Rodas.

Aura has happy hour till 8pm, so we made the most of it, and thanks to the excellent service from the Aura staff, the snacks and the cocktails were amazing. Except the Paneer we had no chance to complain. After the party we headed to Velvet Lounge at Renaissance, due tho the resourceful of Joy, we again had great service at Velvet Lounge.

Check out the rest of the pics on www.Powai.me click here http://www.powai.me/photo/albums/30-somethings-night-out

Also if you want to join in for our next event do join the Thirty Somethings on Powai.me.


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