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Bachelor tenants not Allowed!

This was my third HouseHunt in the Maximum City, Mumbai. In the three missions I have clearly understood that Bachelorhood is not just a marital status, its a social-outcast that puts you below everyone who has joined the institution. In this city, and Pune as well (as my dear friends, tell me) WE Bachelors, or Singletons, or Unmarried souls are looked down with even more contempt than Ajmal Kasab (or No, Kasab is also a bachelor), so maybe more than Nithari or Aurangzeb or your Spouse’s ex or even more than the perverted ‘married’ man, in your neighborhood, who fancies his daughters’ friends. As they believe that We, as bachelors, could be worse… [Click Read More]

Written by Mohit Nanda

One Response to Bachelor tenants not Allowed!

  1. Wilson Abraham March 2, 2010 at 4:48 pm #

    Hi Mohit,

    I am a resident of powai and I do not agree with your statement that there is no room for a bachelor in Powai..!!

    Yes ..some societies are a bit fussy but then there are other societies where it is ok.

    Are you looking for a sharing accomodation with other bachelors or are you looking for a independent place ??



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