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sizzling brownie with vanilla icecream


Jayanta had been to Chili’s before, with a bunch of friends from our running group, to watch a cricket match during the FIFA cup over bottles of beer. And had found the place to be an informal place, just suited for an evening when you want to let your hair down, meet up with friends […]

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Courses on Logical Thinking by FunBuzz

How would you feel if your child took an active interest in solving puzzles than an active interest in passing the next level of Subway Surfers? Is your child obsessed with Temple Run? Are Pokemons and Chhota Bheems the center-point of your child’s conversations? We are happy to announce brand new courses from FunBuzz – […]

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Think Peshawari food in Mumbai, and you immediately start missing your days in Delhi where the options are numerous. North-West Frontier Province cuisine options in Mumbai aren’t many, and those that are there, are mostly in the storied league. More so in Powai, where the exclusive NWFP food was conspicuously absent. Well, no longer. A […]

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Hands-On Learning at Happy Minds International

“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” – Maria Montessori It is true that children learn and exhibit what they experience and not merely what they hear or see. It is the responsibility of the educational system to […]

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Ashraf’s Scissor Hands Salon & Academy.

Pursuing an education in Hair dressing and cosmetology is the first step to discovering a career filled with endless opportunity. Ashraf Scissor Hands Academy goal is to maximize your artistic potential through programs that teach not only the latest techiniques but also proven business strategies. Our well rounded education will significantly improve your earning potential […]

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Krispy Kreme replaces Gloria Jeans.

Gloria Jeans was a coffeeshop and though it had become old and run down, it was a favorite hangout of Powai-ites, not withstanding the much hippier and cooler starbucks coming nearby. Unfortunately Gloria Jeans has exited the country, the precise reason is not known. With other coffeeshop Costa also out of Powai, we Powai-ites have […]

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Parents association with Happy Minds International.

Parents involvement in HMI classrooms It is well said that home is the first school and parents are the first teachers. Parents play a vital role in laying a strong foundation to build their children’s personalities. It is amazing to see how dedicatedly and thoughtfully parents work hard to design simple, yet interesting activities for […]

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Best chefs in town serve a new order-in menu every day!

13th Oct 2014, Powai. Holachef.com, an online food ordering service, was recently launched in the Powai and nearby area with an option to order directly from its Android app, website or phone. The service is one of its kind since it offers a different menu to choose from every day, hence providing excitement in ordering-in […]

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Go beyond charity. Give me an opportunity!

The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. We fulfill our duties by doing charity but we forget that for poor to break out from their economic strata all they need is an opportunity- a fair chance to be treated as equal. So, “Go beyond charity; Give me an opportunity” is the message that […]

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Prakruti Sports Science & Physiotherapy Clinic Pvt Ltd @ Powai.

Prakruti Sports Science & Physiotherapy Clinic Pvt Ltd has been treating and preventing sports injuries and lifestyle diseases for the last 24 years. After Andheri (W) and Bandra (E), our third center has opened in Powai. You will benefit from our presence in your locality if: You have been suffering any joint pain You have […]

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Vaishnavipratima – The Interiors Studio

For Décor that makes you come home to…… Home is where you retire for the day – to unwind with your loved ones, to recharge and take on the world the next day. You need your space. And that’s best found at home. And that happens when a specialist places things where they should be […]

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pop up


GO BEYOND – the ordinary, was the objective of the event Powai POP-UP BAZAAR. On 31st August 2014, for the very first time Powaiites got to experience a unique concept in creativity. Women entrepreneurs, especially home-grown businesses were invited to exhibit their talent. This community bazaar saw a variety from 40 such participants. Products ranged […]

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Parenting Seminars conducted by ‘The Commuknitree’

As committed at their launch ‘The Commuknitree’ has been taking baby steps to fulfill their vision of providing the parents with a community level platform for the holistic development of the children. As part of the same commitment ‘The Commuknitree’ recently conducted the following seminars: POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT (for age group 2 to 6 years) […]

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