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Learn Traditional Yoga Techniques.

Some years ago I decided I wanted to become an Instructor and specialise in yoga…. I completed one year TTC from yoga institute santacruz Mumbai .shortely thereafter I decided to impart this knowledge as I underwent an intensive programme as a Yoga In structure ….I’m trained nutritionist and weight loss consultant from ESA(ACMS) Bandra…having done […]

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LifeTime Packers & Movers is a renowned service provider for packing and moving of households, office furniture and equipment, plant and machinery, industrial goods and so on. We have known packers and movers in domestic and international markets. With a sole aim to offer total customer satisfaction. LifeTime Packers & Movers is a leader in […]

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Nook Bar

NOOK Where Mumbai Parties Till the Wee Hours.

  Just 15 minutes away from Powai Nook wants you breathe Carpe Noctem or Seize the Night. While Mumbai overflows with new resto-bars and hipster cafés – there is unmistakably a void to be filled when it comes to a true blue nightclub. The club draws its inspiration from the secrets and mysteries of the night – with influences of the owl, a starry night, […]

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Diabetes and Yoga 

An Awareness workshop by Yoga consultant Bhavna Gandhi. A 3 hour journey taking you from Dis-ease to Ease the Yogic way. Modified Chair asanas, breathing and relaxation techniques will be demonstrated and practiced. Refreshments and snacks will be served during the course of the workshop. Fees : Rs 800/-

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Mini jets

New family rides in Hakone Powai are here!

Mini Jets, Pirate Ship, Hippo Cycle, Frog Jump, Astro spin and the thrilling Boating with Paddle and Battery powered Aqua pads. There are musical rides exclusively for children below two years; there are boats for the older children. The Bumper (Dashing) cars are for all age groups. The new Replenished Entertainment Center (FEC) at Hakone […]

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(SEALS) Self Awareness and Life Skills Camp

This summer provide the children the freedom to execute their thought… A unique opportunity to engage children constructively to cultivate 21st century skills, ACTION, REFLECTION, SELF AWARENESS, INTRINSIC MOTIVATION, CREATIVITY, PROBLEM SOLVING, COMMUNICATION, TEAMWORK, COLLABORATION, TIME MANAGEMENT, EXPRESSION, VALIDATION, EMPATHY. The camp involves multidimensional real life experience of Conducting BACK-TO-SCHOOL 3 – An event of […]

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10 Summer camps in Powai.

10 Summer Workshops in Powai.

Summer workshops for kids are a great way of learning new skills and making new friends along with the best utilization of time. From cooking to arts and crafts, dancing to fun and splash, calligraphy, Maths, sports, and adventure, creative, physical, emotional and social development camps, Powai has some fun options for kids of various […]

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The story of founder of Aaji Care

Some time back I met Prasad over a cup of coffee and had a chance to talk to him about this dynamic business called Aaji care. In spite of having 80 plus full-time employees, Prasad is bootstrapping the business with a paycheck; he says he doesn’t want his salary to be a burden on the […]

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5 co-working spaces in Hiranandani Gardens

While looking out for a place to work from Powai, last month. I tried to research on coworking spaces in Powai. I could only zero in 5 such places which have a substantial online presence; there might be much more, which aren’t so visible. 1) WorkSquare Mumbai’s premium entrepreneur hub. Work Square is a premium, […]

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